Brian Lopez (US)

Territories: Europe

Brian Lopez is an internationally-acclaimed singer/songwriter from Tucson, Arizona. A classically trained guitarist, Lopez has toured as a solo artist, with his psychedelic cumbia/rock band XIXA, and as a sideman for internationally renowned artists Calexico, KT Tunstall, Giant Sand, Orkesta Mendoza, Mexican Institute of Sound and more.

Lopez’s first major breakout was the release of his first record in 2012 “Ultra” on Funzalo Records.Lopez toured with the record across the US and Europe.Rolling Stone Germany called “Ultra”: “psychedelic chamber pop with a surrealist touch of Dalí.” European tastemaker Music Express called Lopez: “the missing link between Devendra Banhart and Roy Orbison” and gave “Ultra” 4.5 out of 5 stars. The Tucson-based radio station KXCI named “Ultra” its number 1 record of 2012.

The French chamber orchestra The Color Bars Experience featured Lopez, along with recording artists Eric Pulido from the band Midlake and Mark Gardener from the band Ride, on their “Plays Nick Drake” tour across Europe in 2016. Lopez sang lead vocals on selected numbers from Nick Drake’s iconic 1972 album “Pink Moon”.

In addition to his solo career, Lopez was a founding member of the band XIXA with singer-songwriter Gabriel Sullivan in 2012.
In the spring of 2021, XIXA released its second studio album “Genesis,” which Rolling Stone France named the 6th best album of 2021.

In 2023 Brian Lopez will release his 4th record and plans to tour with it as much as possible.