Emel Mathlouthi (TN)

Territories: DE, CH

Traveling between experimental, electronic, North-African, Arabic, or cinematic music Emel Mathlouthi delivers a sound that’s as sensitive and non-conformist as herself, far from clichés and easy categories. Constantly reinventing herself, Emel Mathlouthi aligns nature and music, striking a balance between eloquent songcraft, sparse instrumentation, and the voices of the woods, wind, sea, and flames.

The Tunisia-born and New York-based singer heralds revolution by trumpeting creative experimentation. She’s moved from Earthly struggles to otherworldly textures, letting her sweeping, apocalyptic voice soar over the deep rumble of experimental electronic music. Her music feels untethered to time and place, full of melancholy ’70s and ’80s synths, rattling percussion and android stomp.

(Photo: James Mountford)