Mélanie Pain (FR)

Territories: DE, CH, AT, LU

Parachute is Mélanie Pains third album, one that defies gravity.
From the first words there is a startling contrast, an illusion of lightness, chiselled lyrics. Melanie has widened her horizons, decided to explore new territories and move towards the light. These are songs for a new beginning. Mélanie Pain made one of her dreams come true: working with Gael Rakotondrabe, pianist of the highly-respected Antony and the Johnsons (as well as CocoRosie). Parachute is entirely piano-based, deliberately no guitar was recorded. Since the dawn of (musical) time it has been said: restrictions open possibilities, they tighten their grip then set you free.

Mélanie has left her pop-folk influences far behind. The style is now hard to define – hybrid and modern, classical, almost aquatic. Mélanie is at ease here, experimental and theatrical on some tracks, minimalist and organic on others… always filled with emotion – hers, ours. Darker and more intense, Mélanie explores her fears, and these demons produce wonders: the sweet violence of passing time (On dirait), dealing with mourning (Dans une boîte). “You’ll find me there under a stone, you’ll find me naked, you’ll find me so far from yesterday, you will not recognize me… any more”.

Piano and percussion start (Lèvres Rubis), a declaration that only love can vanquish fear. All doubts evaporate. The heart and body feel lighter, life resurfaces. It is never too late: “Even tears evaporate” (On Dirait). We know, we can feel it – this disc has softly illuminated Mélanies life. It may also, song after song, listen after listen, illuminate yours too.